FRMD Mailing-Barcode Printing-Tracking Solutions        


A Complete Solution for Code Reading and Processing

The FlexVision system is developed for deployment in the document production and processing environment like addressing and inserting. The system is designed to increase productivity and integrity with an easy to use and affordable system. FlexVision is developed with the following applications in mind:

  • Read-and-Print

    Read a barcode, look up the address or any additional data in a database and print the information. Fast random searches are supported.

  • Print Verification

    Use the system to check off or time stamp records in a database when they pass the reader to ensure 100% mailings and/or reprints.

  • Barcode verification

    Check barcodes for readability and ensure that printed barcodes meet the (postal) specifications. Includes Merlin verification.

  • Mail piece production control

    Monitor mail piece printing or inserting and enable easy reconciliation of faulty or missing mail pieces.

One Single Integrated System

Putting a vision system together no longer requires the risky and time consuming integration of hardware and software of different vendors. Flex Systems’ FlexVision system is developed as a single turnkey system consisting of all necessary key components that seamlessly fit together:

  • An I/O controller offering connections for camera’s, encoders, digital inputs, and TCP/IP as well as outputs to control devices and an optional light tower with alarm.

  • A choice of two different industry standard camera’s for code reading depending on your needs and application. Both have integrated lighting and autofocus.

  • FlexMail or FlexStream professional printing and document processing software with access and control of the controller, camera and any other connected device completely integrated. No need for additional software.

Easy Deployment and Operation

The system is extremely easy to setup and guarantees a very fast turn-around time between varying jobs.

  • Plug and Play installation with automatic detection of both the FlexVision I/O controller as well as any connected FlexVision cameras. Only one single TCP/IP connection between the Vision system and the PC.

  • See what the reader sees. Image based reader visualization allows you to see what the reader sees for image review or no-read feedback, directly and completely integrated in the FlexMail and FlexStream software.

  • Setup from within the software with intelligent tuning. By putting the most common controls in a single window, allowing the user to see how different options affect the reader in real time.

  • Powerful processing of received input by FlexMail or FlexStream. Processing steps are defined by filling out some simple setup windows.

  • Optional encoders, sensors and light tower available. All wired and with connectors ready to be plugged in the FlexVision controller.