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Radio Frequency Identification Technology is a highly reliable way to electronically control, detect and track a variety of items using FM transmission methods.  A small tag, or transponder, affixed to or embedded into virtually any object identifies the object.  Two types of RFID tags are available.  The first type is a unique, factory-programmed, pre-numbered tag that identifies the object to which it is affixed.  The second type is a user-writeable tag that contains a unique number to identify the object.  Since RFID does not require line-of-sight between the transponder and the reader, these systems overcome the limitations of other automatic identification approaches, such as bar-coding. This means that RFID systems work effectively in hostile environments where excessive dirt, dust, moisture and/or poor visibility would normally hamper rapid identification.  One outstanding benefit of RFID is its ability to read through these environments at remarkable speeds - responding in less than 100 milliseconds in most cases.  Furthermore, RFID is completely automatic and transparent, eliminating the need to scan an object manually or activate a magnetic stripe, reader, or other contact ID technology.