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Tracking Systems

FRMD Package Tracking Systems

Key Features of web-based (SaaS) barcode tracking technology


  • Scan, receive, and deliver shipments
  • Capture recipient signature on delivery
  • Data is visible anywhere with Internet connectivity
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Track multiple deliveries
  • Email or SMS text receipt alerts
  • Support for many different handhelds
  • Handhelds connect via broadband/WAN/LAN
  • Optional camera to capture package damages
  • Inexpensive to deploy, use, and support
  • Unlimited users with 3 levels of access
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Perhaps the fastest searching algorithm
  • Customizeable fields
  • Instant chat support
  • Support available directly on the handheld
  • Little or no I.T. involvement required
  • Fast installation